Golden Terrace - Cari Cohen
Golden Terrace - Cari Cohen
Golden Terrace - Cari Cohen

Golden Terrace - Cari Cohen

Cari Cohen

Golden Terrace, Urban Fusion Series


Hand-formed acrylic, painted wood and concrete base

20 inches x 11 inches  X 7 inches

Urban Fusion Series:

The essence of this artwork series lies in its exploration of the intricate interplay between human activity, architectural design, and the materials that sculpt our cities. It offers a reflective perspective on how we shape our urban environments, while emphasizing the significant influence of materials and architecture on this transformative process. Hand-formed plexiglass seamlessly integrates with meticulously shaped wood and concrete bases, invoking the towering skyscrapers synonymous with our urban economies. Each piece fosters a captivating dialogue between artistic intent and the ever-evolving urban landscape, encouraging viewers to contemplate the perpetual evolution of our cities.  -Cari Cohen


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