About Us



This exciting adventure began with a big love for art and the artist's creative process. We found in Asheville the right compatibility and appreciation to embark on this amazing endeavor. With decades of relationships with creators, art lovers, and curators, we laid the groundwork to build this idea and find the continuous journey one that is enriching and rewarding.
Contemporaneo Gallery opened in Asheville in the spring of 2017. The name of our space  reflects our mission. Our focus is contemporary art. The gallery represents artists from all over the world, as well as local and regional artists. Artists who push the boundaries through subject, mediums, materials, and ideas are the focus. We seek those who are passionate, enthusiastic and collaborative in their approach. We receive great joy in supporting our artists, talking about our artists, and selling our artist's work to people who are fellow lovers of the creative process.
Our downtown Asheville location provided a dynamic and spirited meeting venue for contemporary art lovers, and we loved welcoming friends and new guests to our physical space. However we realized in 2022 that our favorite part of sharing new work with both seasoned and new collectors is when we visit the spaces these works will potentially live. We love to visit homes as well as corporate and small office spaces with pieces selected specifically for our clients - and we love the relationships we foster as a result. Traveling to art fairs and exhibitions - as well as off the beaten path locales - in order to find amazing new artists and pieces is a passion for us, and part of the joy of our own discovery.  It keeps our collections and roster of represented artists fresh and ever evolving.  As such, we have transitioned out of our brick and mortar location in order to focus on bringing the work to you. We also look forward to attending and participating in contemporary art fairs both in the U.S. and abroad.
Should you be visiting the Asheville area and would like to see highlights from our portfolio of available works, we welcome you to set up an appointment for a private showing while you are in town.